About The ALMI™ Procedure – All Natural, All-Me

ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) is a branded procedural technique that was developed and perfected by a board of distinguished physicians and experts in regenerative medicine.  Autologous means from the patient.  Lipocyte indicates that it is fat.  Micronized means processed using our branded protocols to create a product which can be injected into the patient using syringes similar to that used for traditional fillers.   However, unlike traditional fillers, ALMI is 100% natural – it is your own cells and tissues being used to help your body rejuvenate and restore itself. ALMI rejuvenates you naturally, harnessing the power of your own cells.

Isn’t that beautiful?

ALMI™ is a unique procedure that brings several regenerative techniques together into one treatment protocol to optimize patient outcomes in an outpatient setting, in typically an hour or less.   ALMI providers have received training in the ALMI Procedure to ensure the safety and efficacy of each treatment performed.

With regenerative medicine on the rise, ALMI™ is leveraging our body’s natural resources to accelerate the restoration and regeneration of damaged or injured tissues.  This all-natural approach is a safe and potentially long-lasting treatment for a variety of indications, including facial rejuvenation, hands, hair restoration and sexual wellness for men and women.  Although patient satisfaction is high, ALMI makes no claims or guarantees to the outcomes for each patient, as results can vary.  The patient and physician will work together to determine the treatment best suited for the patient’s needs and desired outcome.


Ellen A. Mahony, MD explains the benefits of ALMI and why she offers it in her practice
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