ALMI™ for Face & Hands

ALMI™ for Face & Hands

Turn back the clock on the aging process . . . restore that youthful appearance with your own tissues!

As we age, collagen production is greatly reduced, causing our faces and hands to lose volume. The skin becomes wrinkled and saggy, and for some individuals, the aging face does not match the youthfulness they feel!  The aging process begins as early as our late twenties, and for some the changes are subtle and not very noticeable, and other times, changes such as loss of volume or texture in the skin causes the face to lose that youthful glow and appearance.  Other things that contribute to skin damage or change are sun exposure or tanning, smoking, weight loss and more.

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Are Collagen Treatments More Effective than Fillers?

Typical treatments for collagen loss include fillers, fat grafting, or even facelifts. However, these procedures can be costly, involve major surgery, or, in some instances, are not long lasting (such as with fillers or traditional fat grafting). Fillers, in particular, do not contain the components necessary to stimulate collagen growth or rejuvenation of damaged tissue. Without the ability to promote a new blood supply or new collagen growth, which aid in addressing textural and tone issues, fillers may leave a lot to be desired – and while there is an immediate result, they may not last long enough.

ALMI Procedure for Collagen Loss

Enter ALMI™.  The ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) Procedure is used to inject a patient’s micronized fat and autologous (meaning from the patient) platelets directly into the area of concern, similar to that of traditional fillers.  Injected into the face, ALMI™ will rejuvenate damaged tissue, fill hollowed out areas (such as those parenthesis around the mouth, or near the temple), and smooth out wrinkles and lines.  ALMI can help bring back a more defined jawline and chin area.  ALMI will restore texture, tone, and elasticity, and the results can improve over time as the collagen is stimulated.  When injected into the lips, ALMI™ provides plump and beautiful lips and helps to remove those little lines around the lips, a chief complaint of aging, even among younger patients.  It can help address the aging of the skin of neck and chest.  The ALMI injections may or may not followed with PRP – you and your physician will discuss the type of treatment you will be receiving.

Finally, injected into hands, ALMI™ will rejuvenate, smooth, and plump the hands, restoring that youthful look in the process, often taking years off their appearance.

How Much is Injected to Stimulate Growth?

With the ALMI™ Procedure utilizing the patient’s own tissues, the only limit to how much is injected, and thus used to stimulate growth, renew and refresh the face and hands is how much viable tissue (fat) is harvested. This benefits the patient by not having to determine how much to purchase, but rather, the desired outcome that the patient and physician determine is best for that individual patient.  The procedure is typically priced as a whole treatment, rather than a by-the-syringe cost, and this does vary based on the patient & physician location.  The procedure itself is done right in your physician’s treatment room, in about an hour, with little to no downtime and is done using local anesthetic for the harvest and treatment areas.

Results for face and hands are seen immediately and continue to improve over time. Many patients report the “ALMI™ Glow,” the effect of their skin taking on a youthful, healthy glow due to the rejuvenation process of the bio-cellular milieu, as well as a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

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ALMI™ can help fight and restore the signs of aging:

  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Tone
  • Structure
  • Elasticity
  • Sun Spots


ALMI rejuvenates you naturally.  Isn’t that beautiful?

Please see our before and after photos to see how ALMI™ has provided long-lasting, rejuvenating results, and visit our Physician Finder page to find an ALMI™ provider near you.

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