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Join the all-me, all-natural rejuvenation revolution and begin offering the ALMI Procedure in your office today. Revolutionary techniques developed by experts around the country that are loved by patients who receive the procedure.

Read what doctors using the ALMI procedure have to say about it, then simply complete and send us the form below and we will help you get started!  You will be put in touch with the ALMI Sales Representative in your area who will walk you through the process and ensure that you have everything you need to begin offering ALMI to your patients looking for an all-natural rejuvenation solution for their face, hands, hair or sexual wellness.

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Tess Mauricio, M.D., FAAD

“I gave up doing fat transfers because of patient downtime and the unpredictable results that came with past techniques. ALMI is a game changer. ALMI has allowed me to confidently offer fat transfers to my patients, because I am transferring fat that is optimized in many ways. It is made micronized and optimized with the added benefits of biocellular medicine in action with autologous platelets and fat combined.

The ability of using the same, smaller needles I use to inject hyaluronic fillers makes the procedure more tolerable, less intimidating, and offers me so much more control in sculpting the delicate areas of the face like the undereyes and even temples. Patients love their results and the fact that ALMI is a very safe, easy, effective, lasting and economical way to replace larger volume loss and rejuvenate the aging face!”

Tess Mauricio, M.D. FAAD; Medical Director/Owner M Beauty, San Diego, CA




Edward M Zimmerman, MD

“Autologous Micronized Fat is the most exciting thing to come into the aesthetic world since PRP! This economical, multi-faceted, regenerative substance is the secret sauce that fits between PRP and SVF. Easy to harvest and process. Precisely inject it with a filler sized injection needle or cannula.

This technology is gratifying for patient and physician alike in terms of safe, reproducible, rapid results-volume in faces and elsewhere, pain reduction in arthritic knees and more. The micronized fat slurry is easily and quickly obtained in an office setting as part of the point of care practice of medicine, so no concern of regulatory overview. Numbing, harvesting and preparation components are single use and priced right. The reusable ACM device is simple to use and easily cleaned and sterilized for repeated use.

Thank you ALMI!!”

Edward M. Zimmerman, M.D.; Medical Director/Owner, Las Vegas Laser & Lipo, Las Vegas, NV

Beware: this technology creates happiness, tears of joy, hugs and WOW.



ALMI Injectable Provider Review
Mina J. Grasso R.N., M.S.N., F.N.P.-C

I want to . . . thank you for introducing ALMI to our practice.  We have performed several procedures in the past few months and I am excited to be able to offer this procedure to my patients. There are numerous reasons why ALMI is a great fit for our practice, and I’ve listed a few here:

1. I have patients that desire a longer lasting result than that provided by the non-permanent fillers and often at a more reasonable price point per ml.

2. Patients are secure in the idea of utilizing their own rejuvenation factors.  This also relieves some fear of adverse reaction to foreign substances. It’s all “natural” and “their own”.

3. A common fear patients have is looking too “done”. Usually if they have witnessed acquaintances that have had fillers injected leaving an unnatural appearance they are reticent to try fillers.

4. Multiple areas can be treated more economically.

5. We had performed traditional fat transfer in the past, however,  when fat cells are not micronized, too large of a cannula was required to implant the fat, which caused quite a bit more swelling; resulting in more “social downtime.

Mina J. Grasso, R.N., M.S.N., FNP-C, Allure Image Enhancement, Upland, CA




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